“The decision to choose Cynthia as realtor could not have been a better one. Her commitment and dedication to her clients and profession are exemplary. Cynthia’s superior negotiation skills serve her and her clients well throughout the process. Cynthia is very informative, knowledgeable and particularly hard-working. I recommend her services without reservation!”

Craig Cook, Research Analyst, December 2009

“I met Cynthia who was representing the seller when I was buying my new condo. I was immediately impressed with her negotiating skills and her knowledge. She stood out from other realtors. As a result, when it was time to sell my condo, without any hesitation, I decided to hire Cynthia as my realtor. She was very detailed, knowledgeable, professional, and at the same time caring and friendly. She even guaranteed that she could sell my condo within a certain time period. I was reassured by her confidence. Surprisingly, she did sell my condo within one week with over the asking price. My husband and I highly recommend Cynthia as a realtor. I am certain that in the near future, I will hire Cynthia to sell my new condo and to find a new house.”

Jae, educator, November 2009

“I am so pleased to have Cynthia Yan as my realtor. She is very knowledgeable, professional and helpful. With her sound advice and efficiency, she had made the experience of renting and later selling my condo to be most satisfactory.”

C. Collantes, Senior Planned Giving Officer, November 2009

“We constantly saw Cynthia’s sign in our neighborhood and knew that she sold a lot of units in the area. When it came time for us to sell, we decided to give her a call. We were so impressed by her presentation and turnover of homes…she was instantly hired. We’ve had agents in the past but Cynthia is by far, the most professional and knowledgeable. She sold our home in 6 days for close to asking price and we couldn’t be more pleased.Since she sold our home so quickly, we decided to hire her to find us a new home. In 2-3 weeks, we found the home we dreamed of. Her aggressiveness and friendly nature got us the house and we’re so happy! If we decide to move again, we will definitely give her a call.”

Kyle & Fae Wang, Professor & Manager, October 2009

“We were impressed with Cynthia’s way of conducting business, with her excellence and professionalism. She’s by far the best realtor we have ever met. She managed to save us more than 10% on our newly purchased house, and sold our condo with more than 10 % above asking price. So, we consider ourselves very lucky to meet her. She is customer orientated, always availab`le, prepared and kind. We will definitely recommend her to all our friends, close and distant relatives, colleagues, and anybody who wants to save/make lots of money while enjoying the process.” All the best, Stefan & Mihaela”

Mihaela & Stefan Pop, Toronto, July 2009

“I was duly impressed with Cynthia Yan’s knowledge, abilities and experience as a sales agent servicing the North York area in the past so I wanted to leverage this skill set for the sale of my second condominium unit. She did not disappoint. During these tough economic times, Cynthia helped me sell my unit within four days after going on the market at a satisfactory selling price. She provided me with detailed and up-to-date information to help me price my unit accordingly. In addition, I really valued her frank and honest perspective on the state of the housing market and the likelihood of being able to sell my unit at various proposed price points. She demonstrated her superlative marketing skills by preparing very eye-catching and informative take-home brochures for buyer agents and prospective buyers. Finally, I was most impressed with her negotiation skills during the actual offer negotiation process. Cynthia’s diligence and highly developed interpersonal skills made the whole process stress-free and seamless. Cynthia was always available when I needed to speak to her. I really felt that she was always on my side and had my best interests in mind. Cynthia is a real pleasure to work with and I hope to have an opportunity to work with her a third time”.

Best wishes, Stephen, July 2009

“We are very happy to recommend Cynthia Yan, as we were extremely pleased with the level of service she provided. Upon deciding to sell our condo we interviewed several different agents, and quickly realized that Cynthia was the best agent to represent us. Right from our first meeting, Cynthia’s professionalism and knowledge of the North York real estate market thoroughly impressed us. As first time sellers, her patient nature when explaining and answering all of our questions was priceless. More importantly, Cynthia made us feel confident that we were making informed decisions that were supported by solid research and actual numbers – not the empty sales talk we were hearing from other agents.

Cynthia assisted us in every stage of selling our condo, from walking us through the contracts, to staging and creating a listing. Cynthia’s experience and knowledge was proven to us when we sold our condo within twelve hours of listing, and she was able to negotiate for more than our asking price! Cynthia offered advice and guidance throughout the negotiation process, and we never felt pressured or rushed. We always felt confident that Cynthia had our best interests at heart and would absolutely recommend Cynthia to anyone who is looking for a professional and trustworthy agent.”

Paul & Stella Szego, Psychologist & Chartered Accountant, June 2009

“Cynthia helped us sell our condo and buy a perfect townhome. I do not think that there is any other agent that knows North York better than Cynthia Yan. Her knowledge of each and every building that we were interested in is unbelievable! Thank you for saving our valuable time for providing us with your insight about the properties before we even went to see them. This greatly helped us eliminate properties we would not have liked and focus on the ones that are more suitable for us. Your knowledge, confidence and networking enabled us to solely rely on you for our new home search which led to an amazing result.

The sale of our property could not have gone any smoother. I know this was said by your other clients, but your strong character knows how to command the situation during the negotiations. We are not sure how you did it but you managed to get us more money after the buyer said it was his “final price”. We could not be more thankful to you for all the help that you provided us with. We could not have asked for a better agent than you, Cynthia!”

Vernon & Ioulia Tse, Very Satisfied Clients of Cynthia Yan, June 2009

“Cynthia Yan helped us sell our North York Condo at a crucial time in our lives. Cynthia’s excellent marketing strategy resulted in multiple showings which sold our condo in a week. It happened on Mother’s day, the day before our daughter was born. It couldn’t have been timed out more perfectly! Cynthia’s professionalism was revealed during the negotiation with the other real estate agent. She projected herself as a person of great knowledge and expertise in her field. Even the other agent took note of this.

Cynthia is not only fantastic at what she does, she is also a very caring and personable person. After the whole process was over, she came by for a personal visit just to see the baby and to see how we were doing. We will definitely recommend her to our family and friends and to anyone interested in buying or selling their home. Thanks again Cynthia for everything!”

With warmest regards, Steven Buchanan and Cherry Mendoza

Steven Buchanan and Cherry Mendoza, Milton, June 2009

“I first met Cynthia Yan on March 27, 2009, when she arrived at my condo, as a well prepared professional, who certainly demonstrated that she knew the business of brokering real estate.

Cynthia provided a presentation and hard copy documents with all the information one would want to know when selling property. I had chosen Cynthia, based only on mailbox flyers, but soon discovered that she knew her business and treated her clients as # 1. A far cry from a previous encounter with another agent, who seemed only concerned for what was beneficial to him. My condo was sold in less than two weeks, much to my surprise with the way the market has been. The final sale was based on a second bid that was negotiated to my benefit with finesse and determination by Cynthia.

Cynthia and her team communicate directly with clients, keeping them up to date on every issue as it arises.”

Lillian Urquhart R.N., Professional Services Manager, April 2009

“It is our pleasure to write a testimonial for Cynthia Yan. She helped us sell our North York condo within a reasonable time frame. We really appreciate her professionalism and sincerity. We find her to be a very well-organized, resourceful and dedicated person. She was good with the up-to-date market analysis and evaluation. She discussed at length the pros and cons of selling vs. renting our unit with us at our first meeting. Unlike other agents she was never pushy and gave us an excellent understanding of what was to be expected at each stage. She also provided us with help in staging our property. Her apt marketing strategy resulted in multiple showings every single day and her team was very helpful in coordinating these to our convenience. Her warm and pleasing personality combined with her negotiating skills helped us close the transaction in a smooth manner. It is therefore without any reservations, we recommend her to anyone looking for a realtor.”

Leena and Jeet Narsinghani, Electrical Engineer, April 2009

“Cynthia recently helped me sell my North York condo in a reasonable amount of time. When she first came to my home to provide a market assessment, she came prepared with an intelligent, thorough presentation. By the end of our first meeting, I was certain that she would be the best agent to represent me.

Before putting my condo on the market, Cynthia gave me some great tips on how to make my place more presentable to prospective buyers. When my condo was listed, she promoted it most effectively which resulted in numerous amount of showings. Given the present state of real estate market, I was quite pleased with the interest that was generated as a result of her marketing strategy. During the negotiation stage, she was calm under pressure and was strong and assertive.

Cynthia is a true professional who understands the value of customer-service and building long-term relationships. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for a bright, top-notch agent”

Elisabeth Kung, Senior Research Officer, March 2009

“The first major hurdle for my wife and me in selling our North York condo was in deciding which realtor to consult. We were quite familiar with Cynthia’s name by virtue of the fact that she made herself well-known in our community. This gave us the confidence to approach her for the preliminary consultation. At our first meeting, Cynthia came well-prepared with background analysis and suggestions for putting up our condo for sale. We came away with a sense professionalism and integrity. It took us a mere half hour to decide upon our realtor. We also appreciated her promptness at posterior meetings. Once the paper work was done, Cynthia wasted no time at all in marketing our condo for sale. This diligence certainly showed up in the steady flow of visitations. We received our offer for sale in matter of 5 days! Given the present state of housing market, that was incredible. Thank you very much, Cynthia. We only wish she could be here – another province – to help us in purchasing our new home”

Dong-Ha & Kyoungmi Kim, Toronto, March 2009