“Cynthia helped us in selling our condo at Yonge & Sheppard.She was very professional all through the selling process and she really knew what we wanted. When we proposed to sell the condo, we have already bought a house which led us to a difficult situation as the condo market isn’t very active these years. We finally had a deal and the closing date is very close to our needs. We appreciated Cynthia’s professinal service and strong negotiation skills. Thanks very much for all her work!”

Grace and Xin Liang, North York, January 2015, North York

“We had one week to find a house and we could not have asked for a better agent. As soon as we contacted Cynthia without any commitment she started relentlessly working for us…in the bitter cold! Nothing stopped her. Needless to say we found a great house! Cynthia has tremendous people skills and we would recommend her to anyone looking to buy.”

Derek and Ann Pooran, Business Owner, Markham, February 2015, North York

“In early 2015, we set out to find a new home for our growing family. After several weeks of perusing online and coming to terms with the normal anxieties that accompany most major life-changing decisions, we decided that the time was right for us to take the leap!

Without a single doubt in our mind, we knew exactly who we wanted to have on our side, as a trusted advisor through this journey; Ms. Cynthia Yan.

Because we had previous experience with Cynthia (she had been our Agent when we purchased our first home several years ago) we knew that when it comes to Real Estate in the North York/Toronto are, there is no one better qualified, more professional or more reliable than Cynthia.

Not only is she honest, straightforward, articulate and trustworthy, she is also very well versed on all Real Estate matters. Cynthia and her team have always been quick to respond to any of our requests; even having intelligent answers or helpful advice for issues that wouldn’t typically fall under a broker’s area of expertise. She truly has her finger on the pulse regarding latest trends and key indicators of the Real Estate market. Her personable and sincere demeanor ensures that as a client you feel important and can sleep better at night knowing that you are in the best hands.
We have now successfully completed our 3rd Real Estate transaction (the sale of our Condo) with Cynthia; and we’re happy to say that our trust in her, and our confidence in her skills, have grown exponentially.

Cynthia is part of our family. We have made it a personal goal to recommend her to as many of our friends and family as we can. Buying or Selling a home should always be an exciting and satisfying experience; it should always feel this good!”

Fernando Brandt Vegas, Human Resources Manager, Toronto, March 2015, North York
Andreina Delgaldo, Banking Analyst, Toronto, March 2015

“Cynthia is one of the best agents that I have ever seen, she is not only very educated, helpful and knows her profession, but also she is a very good friend. I know Cynthia since 2004, when we did not even want to buy or sell any properties, but when we had questions, she was always there, since that time if I buy, sell or rent anything in Toronto, I will not go to anyone else but her. This month, we sold the very first condo that Cynthia helped us buy, and regardless of all the problems that encountered along the way with the buyers and other agents, she thought to our benefit at all times and has been very patient until the deal was done in the best possible way, we always appreciate her help and friendship and we will recommend her always and at all times.”

Thank you Cynthia”

Leyla Minouchehr, Business Analyst, USA, May 2015, North York

“We did market research on our own until one day we realized a professional help was necessary to move forward. We knew Cynthia from our last purchase as she was the seller’s agent. Even10+ year later, we still remembered her professionalism and the detailed help she provided to us. She has been covering our area for all the years so her contact was easy to find. A simply call and she came quickly with a full market update for both buying and selling. In this very competitive market, a working couple with two young children, we need a lot of advice on planning and follow ups. We can always count on her to think one step ahead for us. We don’t have much flexibility in our budget. Without Cynthia’s help, we would not be able to time our two transactions perfectly and complete both within less than 3 months. We highly recommend Cynthia to those who are seeking for a kind, thoughtful, knowledgeable and experienced agent. And most importantly, Cynthia is a very good negotiator! We will definitely use Cynthia’s service again in the future.”

Madeline Lau, Accountant, Toronto, June 2015, North York

“Selfishly, we were hesitant to write this testimonial in hopes that Cynthia will dedicate her services exclusively to us. However, Cynthia and her team deserves high praise. We have been through numerous agents in the past 15 yrs of buying and selling real estate. None have compared to the level of professionalism, responsiveness and value that Cynthia has provided. Cynthia and her team work hard to ensure clients are happy – even the difficult ones. We hope to collaborate on many more future projects and continue our mutual success.”

Dean & Kiley B.H., Business Owners, Toronto, June 2015, North York

“It was a pleasure to have Cynthia represent me for the recent sale of my townhouse. I have sold and purchased several properties in the past few years, and Cynthia is without a doubt the most professional agent that I have ever dealt with. I no longer have a file of cards, Cynthia’s is the only one worth keeping.”

Grant Murray, Physiotherapist Assistant, Toronto, July 2015, North York

“As exciting as it is to begin the next chapter of my life, the process of moving isnt easy. Having lived in my house for 35 years, and raising my family there, I was understandably apprehensive about selling. Thanks to Cynthia, selling my home was easier than I anticipated. She is knowledgeable and explained the process so I was prepared and knew what to expect. Her team was efficient and supportive throughout the process. I assumed it would be an extremely stressful time but thankfully it wasnt. I would recommend Cynthia Yan if you’re planning on selling your home. You wont be disappointed!”

Dianne Lyon, Stouffville, September 2015, North York

“I have worked with 4 other real estate agents in the past and dealt with a few others other the phone, but Cynthia was by far the most professional. She was very friendly and responded in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend her and use her again as my real estate agent. I hope she doesn’t retire anytime soon.”

Gordon Chan, Toronto, October 2015, North York

“Cynthia is a true a professional, knows the market very well, understands our needs and provide customized solution in a quick turnaround. She is friendly and approachable anytime. We are very glad that we choose Cynthia to represent our home.”

Padmapriya Devanath & Sriram Sundararajulu, Toronto, October 2015, North York

“It was a true pleasure working with Cynthia. We originally met with Cynthia 2 years ago when we started to consider listing our condo. Of all the agents that we met with, we were most impressed with Cynthia’s professionalism. When we decided to list our condo a few weeks ago, we contacted Cynthia without any hesitation. She was very accessible as all emails, calls, and texts were answered promptly. More importantly, through her preparation and instructions, she made what could have been an overwhelming and daunting process, very easy to navigate. Without a doubt, we highly recommend Cynthia!”

Ranga Fernando and Thavajinee Seevaratnam, Toronto, October 2015, North York

“My husband and I chose Cynthia Yan to help rent our home in North York. I had never met her before. However, I always knew that if I ever needed to work with a real estate agent, I should be calling Cynthia. he has been highly recommended by several of my friends and colleagues. Her proven track record in our area only further solidified our choice.

We were very impressed after our first meeting. Cynthia was intelligent, insightful and very prepared. My husband and I decided we did not need to meet any other agents; we knew Cynthia was the right person. Cynthia outlined her plan and gave us a realistic timeline. In fact, our house was rented exactly as she predicted.

We truly appreciated her accessibility. Cynthia and her entire team were always available to answer our questions or concerns. My husband and I have extremely hectic schedules. It was imperative for us to find an agent that would work on our behalf, while minimizing the stress of finding the right tenant.

Cynthia was absolutely phenomenal. She went beyond the call of duty and delivered the results we needed. She is woman of integrity and extremely hardworking. I highly recommend Cynthia to anyone who needs a real estate agent. I will most definitely be referring my friends and family to Cynthia. I will also be calling her for all my future real estate needs.”


Nariman Malik, Staff Anesthetist, Toronto, November 2015, North York